A motor vehicle shall be subject to tow and impoundment by the village, and the owner of record of the vehicle shall be liable to the village for an administrative fee of five hundred dollars ($500.00) in addition to any towing and storage fees if all three (3) of the following conditions are satisfied:
   (A)   A police officer has probable cause to believe that the driver has violated a vehicle regulation(s) or other law; and
   (B)   The police officer determines that it is reasonably necessary to remove the motor vehicle from an exposed or public location to avoid a hazard to other members of the public or to avoid obstruction of the normal movement of traffic; and
   (C)   The owner or operator of the motor vehicle, due to arrest for the violation, impairment or otherwise, is unable to provide for the speedy, efficient, and lawful removal of the vehicle from the exposed or public location.
However, if in the judgment of the police officer then present, a person authorized by the owner of record or the operator of the motor vehicle is present and capable to provide for the speedy, efficient and lawful removal of the motor vehicle, and said motor vehicle is not required to be held as evidence in regard to the violation, the police officer shall allow that individual to promptly remove the motor vehicle without it being subject to seizure and impoundment. (Ord. 2792, 3-5-2012)