(A)   Subject to the overall direction of the village manager, the chief building inspector and the health officer of the village ("health officer") shall enforce all health and sanitation ordinances and regulations of this village and of the state and county, to the extent authorized, and shall make recommendations from time to time for the improvement of health conditions. Whenever in this chapter and in any other chapter of this title, the term "health officer" is used, said term shall also mean and include the chief building inspector.
   (B)   The health officer shall have the authority to take the following actions and such other actions assigned by the village manager as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this title:
      1.   Enforce all rules, regulations and ordinances of the village relating to the public health;
      2.   Enforce any special requirements applying to food service, food sanitation, food processing and retail food establishments;
      3.   Investigate or cause to be investigated complaints of or the existence of any communicable, contagious or preventable disease within the village and report the same to the Cook County department of public health and to the Illinois department of public health and, at the direction of the village manager, implement such measures for controlling the progress of the same as either or both of such government agencies shall authorize;
      4.   Make all necessary sanitary and health investigations and inspections and take measures to abate or cause abatement of all nuisances affecting the health of the public with all reasonable promptness;
      5.   Administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter as they relate to the ventilating, heating, lighting and sanitation of all buildings;
      6.   Administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter as they pertain to the preservation of the health of those in attendance at the public and private schools in the village, and make regular inspections of all school buildings and premises, all with regard to their food service and sanitation conditions as such are a menace to the health of those in attendance and whereby their safety from disease is threatened. Reports of violations or conditions deemed to present a threat to health and safety shall be submitted to the state board of education or to those having charge or control of such schools with a recommendation for such alterations or changes as may be necessary to remove such conditions and to take lawful steps to cause any such school to be closed to attendance until any condition therein found dangerous to life or health is remedied;
      7.   Furnish to the village manager and other departments such information as they may require with a view to the preservation of the public health; and
      8.   Require reports from physicians and hospitals regarding patients suffering from infectious or contagious diseases. (Ord. 2437, 1-21-2003)