The owner of any apartment, rooming house, store, office, or other place where space or accommodations are furnished for rent, in which heat is furnished from a heating plant under the control or supervision of such owner, shall furnish heat to such rooms, apartments, stores, offices or other space from September 15 of each year to June 1 of the succeeding year, so that the occupants thereof may secure, without such undue restriction of ventilation as to interfere with proper sanitary conditions, a minimum temperature of sixty five degrees Fahrenheit (65°F) at seven thirty o'clock (7:30) A.M., sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit (68°F) from eight thirty o'clock (8:30) A.M. to ten thirty o'clock (10:30) P.M., and sixty three degrees Fahrenheit (63°F) from ten thirty o'clock (10:30) P.M. to seven thirty o'clock (7:30) A.M. (Ord. 2270, 1-18-1999)