The village manager is herein authorized to issue a special permit, without fee, to any person applying for permission to conduct a house sale, attic sale, basement or garage sale from any residence premises in this village upon the following terms and conditions:
   (A)   The applicant-permittee must be an owner of the premises where such sale is to be held or a not for profit religious, civic or charitable organization.
   (B)   The sale will involve only personal property items owned by the applicant-permittee or members of his household, or, in the case of a not for profit religious, civic or charitable organization, personal property items owned by its members.
   (C)   No such similar sale had been conducted by the same applicant or from the same premises during the same calendar year.
   (D)   No sale items shall be located and no sales activities shall be conducted in the front yard area of any residence premises, or on any public sidewalk or parkway area.
   (E)   All signs advertising such sale shall be located in the front yard area of the premises, shall comply with the pertinent provisions of title 4, chapter 3 of this code, and no such sale sign, handbill or other advertising matter shall be located or posted in any public park or parkway or building in the village.
   (F)   The sale shall be limited to a consecutive period of two (2) days and shall be conducted only during the periods from nine o'clock (9:00) A.M. and five o'clock (5:00) P.M.
   (G)   The sale will be conducted without the use of outdoor loudspeakers or other amplification equipment.
   (H)   The sale shall be conducted in accordance with all other laws and ordinances in effect in the village.
Such permit shall be valid only for the particular sale and premises designated thereon, shall be posted in the front yard area so as to be easily seen by the police, and shall be nontransferable. No such permit shall be issued and no such person or premises shall be eligible for such permit to conduct a sale of personal property items more than once during any twelve (12) month period. (Ord. 2793, 3-19-2012, eff. 4-1-2012)