(A)   Village Inspections Authorized: Subject to constitutional limitations, every licensee or permittee shall permit authorized Village officials to enter the business, activity, or occupational premises, including those areas of the premises not open to the general public, for the purpose of conducting inspections to determine compliance with regulations applicable under the Village Building, Fire, Health, and other codes and ordinances and for the purpose of taking necessary samples of any commodity or material to determine whether the licensee or permittee has complied with all applicable regulatory requirements.
   (B)   Village Manager Responsibility: The Village Manager shall determine whether a licensee or permittee is complying with all applicable regulatory requirements during the period of the license or permit. The Village Manager may authorize other Village personnel or agent authorized by the Village board to make whatever inspections of the premises of a licensed or permitted business, activity, or occupation are reasonably necessary to secure compliance with any code or ordinance provision, or to detect violations thereof, or to protect the public health and safety.
   (C)   Licensee Responsibility: The licensee, or the person in charge of the licensed premises, shall admit the authorized Village inspector into the premises for the purpose of making inspection at any time during business hours or at any other reasonable hour upon reasonable notice to such person. Whenever an analysis of any commodity or material is reasonably necessary to secure conformance with any code or ordinance provision or to detect violations thereof, the licensee whose business is governed by such provisions shall give to any authorized Village officer or employee requesting the same, sufficient samples of such material or commodity for such analysis. (Ord. 2506, 8-16-2004)