For the purposes of this title, the following terms shall have the meanings herein prescribed:
BUSINESS: Means and includes all activities engaged in within the corporate limits of Riverdale carried on for the purpose of gain or economic profit, except that the acts of employees rendering service to employers shall not be included in the term business, unless otherwise specifically prescribed.
ENGAGING IN BUSINESS: Includes, but is not limited to, the sale of tangible personal property and the rendering of personal services for others for a consideration by persons engaged in any craft, business, occupation or other calling, except the rendering of personal services by an employee to his employer under any contract of personal employment. "Engaging in business" shall also include the renting by a lessor of space, whether enclosed or not, to be used as office space for any use or endeavor, including, but not limited to, commercial, medical, dental or other professional activities. Exemptions include federal, state, county and local government agencies and nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status.
PERSON: Any individual, receiver, assignee, trustee in bankruptcy, trust, estate, firm, copartnership, joint venture, club, company, joint stock company, business trust, corporation, association, society or other group of individuals acting as a unit, whether mutual, cooperative, fraternal, nonprofit or otherwise. (Ord. 835, 4-16-2013)