Every applicable place of property within the city of Riverdale shall maintain landscape in a well cared for manner that enhances the appearance of the property.
   A.   Residential landscaping shall consist of no less than sixty-five percent (65%) of hardscape space, nonliving landscape, xeriscape, and other drought tolerant landscape features including, but not limited to: water features, benches, planters, decorative walls, decorative ornaments, stamped concrete, small decorative rocks, boulders, mulch, and decorative curbing. The use of overhead spray devices for the irrigation of hardscape spaces is not allowed. Where needed, drip irrigation established on a separate zone shall be used to meet the irrigation needs of non-turf plant materials. In no case shall hardscape of a residential dwelling exceed fifty percent (50%) of the open space of the property, unless said hardscape exists prior to passage of this chapter. In no case shall turf and lawn planting be allowed to exceed more than thirty-five percent (35%) of the overall residential landscaping area. No turf and lawn plantings are allowed in the park strips, slopes greater than 25%, or in areas less than eight feet (8') wide. Residential landscaping shall consist of a mixture/variation of hardscaping, nonliving landscape, xeriscape, and other drought tolerant landscape features reflected in the overall landscaping plan;
   B.   Yards shall consist of a balance of living and nonliving landscape that do not violate any other federal, state, or municipal statute, ordinance, or law;
   C.   All planter beds are required to filled with a minimum of three inches (3") of mulch. Also, drip irrigation systems are required to be used for areas outside of lawn areas. All drip irrigation systems shall be equipped with a pressure regulator, filter, and other similar required equipment;
   D.   All irrigation valves shall irrigate landscapes with similar site, slope, and plant materials with similar needs (lawn and plantings beds shall be irrigated using separate valves). No drip sprinklers are allowed on the same irrigation valve. No combination of differing sprinkler heads are allowed on the same irrigation valve. A WaterSense labeled smart irrigation controller, equipped with the appropriate rain delay feature, is required to be installed with the irrigation system;
   E.   Yards shall comply with the fencing and setback requirements of all Riverdale City ordinances;
   F.   Yards shall be maintained as not to cause "interference from landscaping" with public property or right of way. No trees are allowed to be planted within the park strip;
   G.   All living landscape shall be maintained in an orderly, attractive and healthy condition. This shall include, but not be limited to, proper pruning, mowing, weeding, and removal of litter; and
   H.   All hardscape shall be maintained to be free from defects and maintain an orderly and attractive appearance.
   I.   No vehicles shall be allowed to park overnight on anything other than hard surfaces that are as large as, or larger than, the full size (length and width) of the vehicle. Established landscaped yard areas, features, and spaces around the residential dwelling structure(s) do not qualify as hard surfaces that allow for overnight parking; and
   J.   All new and refurbished single-family and two-family homes, apartments, condominiums and townhouses shall be required to approve and maintain, as landscape yards, the front, corner street side yard and park strip and install an appropriate irrigation system, so that the landscaping will receive the appropriate amount of water in order to flourish in good health, before final approval or certificate of occupancy is issued and meet the requirements of this Chapter. An escrow agreement may be issued with a temporary certificate of occupancy which includes a time certain for installation of the landscaping and irrigation system by he owner/developer. Failure to install landscaping by the end of the next planting season (October of the following year) shall lead to forfeiture of the escrow funds and may lead to revocation of the temporary certificate of occupancy. Landscaping may include a combination of grass, plant cover and Xeriscape. (Ord. 655, 4-4-2006; amd. Ord. 926, 10-20-2020; Ord. 939, 11-16-2021)