HARD SURFACE: Shall consist of concrete, asphalt, brick or concrete pavers, rock or gravel and cobblestones. All hard surface material must be kept free of weeds.
HARDSCAPE SPACE: Any space made up of water features, benches, artificial grass/turf, walls, decorative ornaments, stamped concrete, small decorative rocks as well as boulders, mulch, curbing, and planters or other like materials, approved by the planning commission, that are not of a vegetative nature.
LIVING LANDSCAPE: Consists of turf, trees, shrubs, plant material both flowering and nonflowering, it shall include indigenous plants that are not noxious weeds so long as they are maintained as set out within this chapter.
NONLIVING LANDSCAPE: Shall consist of boulders, rock, lava rock, wood chips, decorative curbing and masonry work.
OPEN SPACE: All the space on the property not occupied by the residence, a driveway equivalent to the carport, or attached garage, and/or swimming pool.
XERISCAPE: Includes plant material that can survive on low or minimal water usage. (Ord. 715, 8-19-2008; amd. Ord. 926, 10-20-2020)