A.   All general ordinances of the city passed prior to the adoption of this city code are hereby repealed, except such as are included in this city code or are by necessary implication herein reserved from repeal (subject to the saving clauses contained in the following sections), and excluding the following ordinances which are not hereby repealed: tax levy ordinances; appropriation ordinances; ordinances relating to boundaries and annexations; franchise ordinances and other ordinances granting special rights to persons or corporations; contract ordinances and ordinances authorizing the execution of a contract or the issuance of warrants; salary ordinances; fee ordinances; ordinances establishing, naming or vacating streets, alleys or other public places; improvement ordinances; bond ordinances; ordinances relating to elections; ordinances relating to the transfer or acceptance of real estate by or from the city; and all special ordinances.
   B.   The repeal of the ordinances as provided in subsection A of this section, shall not affect any debt or fee which is accrued, any duty imposed, any penalty incurred, nor any action or proceeding commenced under or by virtue of the ordinances repealed or the term of office of any person holding office at the time these ordinances take effect; nor shall the repeal of any ordinance have the effect of reviving any ordinance heretofore repealed or superseded. (2001 Code)
   C.   All prior ordinances which are in conflict or are in any way inconsistent with the provisions of this code are hereby repealed; provided, however, that those prior ordinances which have been excluded from this code but which have not been expressly repealed nor are in conflict with any of the provisions of this code, shall remain in full force and effect. (1985 Code § 1-1-1; amd. 2001 Code)