The construction, alteration, repair, removal or occupancy of any structure, or of any part thereof, or substantial alteration or modification of terrain, or any action which would substantially alter water drainage or water passage, or which would likely require sewage disposal, water, roads, curbs, gutters or sidewalks in the reasonably foreseeable future, or any other changes which would reasonably be expected to have a substantial effect on the environment, including, but not limited to, air, water, noise and land appearance, shall not be commenced or proceeded with, except after the issuance of a written permit for the same by the community development director or his agent; provided, that no permit shall be necessary where the erection, construction, reconstruction or alteration is minor in character as determined by the community development director or his agent. (1985 Code § 19-1-6; amd. 2001 Code; Ord. 854, 5-6-2014)