A.   Required: No application for new development shall be allowed or permitted until a conceptual plan for such development shall have been prepared by the petitioner and reviewed and approved by the planning commission which addresses in detail how the proposed development meets and/or satisfies the development guidelines of the city's general plan, including narrative sections and the land use planning map, and any RDA project area plan development requirements, if applicable. Any such conceptual plan may be submitted concurrently with a preliminary site plan at the discretion of the petitioner.
   B.   Petition For Amendment: In the event the petitioner for a development and/or subdivision cannot meet and/or satisfy the guidelines of the city's general plan and/or the requirements of an RDA project area plan, the party presenting the conceptual plan may petition the planning commission for its determination to recommend an amendment to such plan(s). Should the planning commission determine that an amendment to such plan(s) is warranted, the statutory requirements for pursuing such an amendment shall be followed by the planning commission, city council and/or RDA board of directors.
   C.   Consideration For Amendments: Amendments to the general plan and/or the requirements of an RDA project area plan, pursuant to this section, may be considered upon a showing of undue hardship and/or adverse extenuating circumstances.
   D.   Land Use Master Plan Map: The land use master plan map should appropriately reflect use types that exist or have been amended through the public process in this section. (Ord. 793, 10-4-2011)