If a dispute arises concerning the amount or accuracy of an owner or occupant's water bill, he or she is entitled to the protection of the following dispute resolution procedures:
   A.   Inspection: If requested, an inspection of the premises and the water meter will be undertaken by an employee of the city.
   B.   Informal Conference: Prior to the scheduled termination date, the customer may request an informal conference with a supervisory employee of the water department. At this conference, each party shall be permitted to present any information regarding the disputed bill. The customer shall be notified in writing of the city's decision within two (2) days. This notice of decision shall inform the customer that he or she has seven (7) days in which to appeal the decision to an impartial hearing officer to be designated by the city.
   C.   Hearing: In the event the customer requests a hearing before a hearing officer, the city shall appoint someone who is not an employee of the water department to act as hearing officer. A hearing shall be held at which the customer and the city may present any evidence they have on the accuracy of the bill. A decision shall be made solely on the evidence presented at the hearing and both sides shall be notified in writing of the decision within ten (10) days.
   D.   Service Not Terminated During Dispute: No water service shall be terminated if the owner or occupant of the premises is pursuing his or her rights under these dispute resolution procedures. (1985 Code § 18-1-16; amd. Ord. 867, 5-28-2015)