A.   It shall be unlawful for any person to wastefully use water from hydrants, faucets, stops, through basins, toilets, urinals, sinks, other appliances, sprinkler systems, leaky joints, pipes, or to use the water for purposes other than for those which he/she has paid. All users of water service shall be required to keep their sprinklers, faucets, valves, hoses and all apparatus connected to the water system in good condition at their own expense and all waterways closed when not in use. When it shall be found that any fixture on the user's premises is broken or not in serviceable condition, the user shall be notified. The use of water in violation of the rules and regulations controlling the water supply is also prohibited, with the following exceptions:
      1.   Water used for the operation and maintenance of the water system is permitted.
      2.   Water for firefighting purposes and hydrant testing is permitted.
   B.   After notification of violation, the city may terminate any service found in violation of this section if, within a reasonable time period, the condition has not been remedied. (Ord. 867, 5-28-2015)