A.   Sprinkler irrigation of public and private landscapes is prohibited between the hours of ten o'clock (10:00) A.M. and six o'clock (6:00) P.M. The provisions of this section shall apply to all landscapes within Riverdale City with the following exceptions:
      1.   New lawns or landscaping that require frequent irrigation for establishment purposes within ninety (90) days of planting.
      2.   Short cycles required for testing, inspecting and maintaining irrigation systems.
      3.   Where pressure problems exist in the water infrastructure requiring an alternate watering time as approved by the public works department.
      4.   Use of culinary water for irrigation of commercial stock and commercial gardens or plant nurseries that are licensed by the city, provided that the licensee or a representative is personally on the premises at the time the irrigation is taking place.
      5.   Special permit issued by the public works director.
   B.   Any person who continues to violate this schedule after written notice may be subject to termination of water service. (Ord. 867, 5-28-2015)