For the purpose of this chapter, a private protection system is an automatic sprinkler system or water spray system designed or intended to protect the premises in case of fire. All private fire protection systems shall be subject to the following regulations: (1985 Code § 18-1-5; amd. 2001 Code)
   A.   Permit Required; Application: No private fire protection systems will be installed without a written permit from the Public Works Director. Applications for such permits shall be accompanied by two (2) sets of plans for the proposed system, including all service lines and the maximum estimated flow. The plans must be approved by the City before a permit may be issued or construction on the system commenced. Service lines for a fire protection system shall be no larger than the main to which it is connected, and in no case larger than ten inches (10") in diameter. Such fire protection systems must conform with currently adopted codes and standards.
   B.   Requirements Of Applicant: The permit as approved by the Public Works Director for this type of installation shall provide that the applicant will: (1985 Code § 18-1-5; amd. 2001 Code; Ord. 854, 5-6-2014)
      1.   Maintain and use the private fire protection system and service solely for firefighting purposes.
      2.   Comply with all rules and regulations of the City.
      3.   Pay all damages of any nature which the City may sustain due to the installation or operation of the private fire protection system.
      4.   Save the City and any officer, agent or employee thereof harmless from any and all claims by any person whatsoever, including the applicant, for damages suffered because of the installation, maintenance or operation of the private fire protection system, or by reason of the inadequacy or failure of the water supply.
      5.   Reimburse the City for all damage suffered by it because of any violation of the rules and regulations of the City or because of improper use of the fire protection service by the customer.
      6.   Maintain the private fire protection system in its entirety, including service lines and related valves, free from leaking, improper operation or improper connection.
      7.   Report to the City immediately any leakage, breakage, improper connection, or improper use of the private fire protection system or service. If, after ten (10) days' written notice from the City, the owner or occupant fails to correct any leaks or terminate any improper use by himself or others, the City may shut off water from the system until the owner or occupant complies with the notice. The City may require the installation of detector checks in a line in the event of frequent leakage or improper use.
   C.   Connection Fee: There shall be assessed a connection fee in the amount set forth in the consolidated fee schedule set forth in title 1, chapter 12 of this Code. (1985 Code § 18-1-5; amd. 2001 Code)