A.   No person shall make any extension of any pipe or water fixture attached to the City water system for any purpose whatever without first obtaining a permit from the City. Within twenty four (24) hours after the completion of any plumbing connection with the City water system, such work must be reported to the City.
   B.   "Designated water service area" means the land area defined by the City of Riverdale in accordance with the Utah Constitution, article XI, section 6, as the City's area of water service provision. A water service customer is an end user who receives culinary water directly from the City's waterworks system; and whom the City bills for water service.
   C.   In order to allocate for annexations of land and control the delivery costs of water; water provision outside Riverdale City limits to property not contained within the City's designated water service area is not permitted. (Ord. 908, 5-7-2019)