A.   Payment Due: Payment for water bills shall be due fifteen (15) days from the billing date. In the event payment is not received within thirty (30) days from the billing date, the city shall send, by mail, a final notice to both the owner and the occupant of the premises, advising them that water service will be terminated in ten (10) days if the past due bill is not paid. (Ord. 795, 10-4-2011)
   B.   Termination Of Service: Except as hereinafter provided, water service shall be terminated if:
      1.   Payment is not received within ten (10) days of the final notice, or
      2.   Costs are incurred by the city to abate a nuisance on the property for purposes of enforcing title 4, chapter 5, "Nuisances", of this code, and required payments have not been made.
At the time service is terminated, the city will leave, on the door of the service premises, a notice advising the occupant who to contact to restore water service. Water service will not be turned off on any weekend or legal holiday, nor after one o'clock (1:00) P.M. on the day preceding any weekend or legal holiday.
The city water department may defer final water service termination in those cases wherein the customer's outstanding balance is less than twenty five dollars ($25.00). (Ord. 825, 11-20-2012)
   C.   Transfer Of Service: Water service terminated under subsection B of this section, will not be transferred to any person, new owner, occupant, tenant, etc., until all amounts owing on the account are paid in full. (Ord. 795, 10-4-2011)
   D.   Turning On Or Off; Authorized Personnel: It shall be a class B misdemeanor for any person other than an authorized employee of the city to turn on or off any water connection to serviced premises and upon conviction such person shall be punished as is provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. (1985 Code § 18-1-15; amd. Ord. 795, 10-4-2011)
   E.   Restoration: Water service shall not be restored until the delinquent bill is paid, together with a service fee established by resolution of the city council. If the customer is unable to pay both the water bill and service fee, the city may accept payment of the full delinquent amount and add the service fee onto the customer's account.
   F.   Nonowner Delinquent: In the event that an owner who does not reside at the service address becomes delinquent in his or her bill, the city shall not terminate service without giving at least ten (10) days' notice to the occupant of the impending termination. This notice shall be sent by mail. (Ord. 825, 11-20-2012)