A.   Connection Fee:
      1.   The City shall charge a water connection fee for connecting to the City waterworks system. The fees for water connection shall be prescribed by resolution of the City Council.
      2.   The connection fees shall be paid into the City before a permit may be issued and before any connection can be made to any public water main in the City.
   B.   Water Rates:
      1.   The City shall charge for the use of its Municipal culinary water. The rates for water use shall be set by resolution of the City Council.
      2.   The City shall not supply free water service to any person, corporation, firm or public agency. All use shall be metered with a City water meter or otherwise accounted for as directed by the Public Works Department.
      3.   A utility service fee waiver (water, sewer, garbage, recycle and storm) is available to all residents on active military deployment who submit a fee waiver form and provide a copy of their orders.
      4.   A billing adjustment of fifty percent (50%) of the leak amount for underground water service lines is available to all residents and businesses with verification that the water service line has been repaired within two (2) weeks of notification of the leak.
A service line is the main service line from the water meter to the home or business, which includes the connection for the sprinkler system from the stop and waste valve to the main service line. (Ord. 834, 4-16-2013)



1. See also title 1, chapter 12 of this Code for the consolidated fee schedule.