A.   Information Required: Written application for water service shall be made by the owner, or his or her duly authorized agent, of the property receiving the water. The application shall list the address of the property receiving water and the actual address of the owner if he or she does not reside at the service address. The owner shall at all times be responsible for keeping the City advised of his or her current address.
   B.   Occupant Or Tenant: Before granting service to an occupant or tenant, the owner of the property shall be required to sign an agreement to be responsible for the water bill in the event the occupant or tenant does not pay. Failure to pay past due water bills will result in a denial of future water service to that location. The owner may request that the bill be sent to the occupant or tenant but this in no way absolves the landlord from making the payment if defaulted.
   C.   Delinquency; Lien Against Property: In the event that any water bill becomes six (6) months past due, the delinquency shall become a lien against the real property receiving the water service. The City may file notice of the lien with the Office of the County Recorder. The written application signed by the owner of the premises shall state that such delinquency will become a lien against the property. (Ord. 782, 10-19-2010, eff. 10-19-2010)