A.   Weeds, Litter, Snow And Ice: All owners or occupants, or the agent of any owner or occupant, of real property located within the city shall remove all weeds, noxious vegetation, and any other debris or obstructions from such property, to the curb line of the street. If standard concrete curb and gutter does not exist, the "curb line" shall mean the edge of the driving surface of the street. All owners, occupants or agents of said property are also responsible to keep all sidewalks; meaning any hard surface including asphalt, concrete or pavers; adjacent to such property free from litter, snow, ice and obstructions.
   B.   Obstructions:
      1.   All persons are hereby forbidden to obstruct the sidewalks, crosswalks or streets of this city, or to permit any gate or other obstruction to swing across any sidewalk of the city to the annoyance of another; provided, however, that special permission may be granted by the city council to place obstructions on sidewalks or streets when necessary for improving the same or to provide protection when buildings are in the course of construction.
      2.   A person may not drive or place any vehicle, animal or other thing upon or along any sidewalk except in crossing the sidewalk to or from abutting property or permit the vehicle, animal or other thing to remain on or across any sidewalk in a way that impedes or obstructs the ordinary use of the sidewalk. When the object does not impede the ordinary use of a sidewalk, vehicles, building materials or other similar things may be placed temporarily on highways in a manner that will not impede, endanger or obstruct ordinary traffic. A police officer may prohibit or may require the removal of vehicles, building material or other obstructions on a highway in his or her jurisdiction. (Ord. 748, 11-17-2009)