A.   Appointment; Duties: With the advice and consent of the city council, the mayor may appoint a police chief, who shall perform the duties required of him by law and the ordinances of the city, and such other duties as the city may by resolution require.
   B.   Powers: The police chief shall possess the same powers, be subject to the same liabilities, and exercise the same privileges as are possessed by and imposed by law upon constables, and may execute such legal orders as may be required of him. He shall attend all meetings of the city council when requested. He shall preserve the peace and good order of the city; quell all riots; arrest and bring all disorderly persons before the justice court judge; and see that all orders and judgments of said court are carried into effect; and shall take such measures as shall secure the peace and good order of all public meetings and of the city generally. (Ord. 811, 7-17-2012)