A.   Command At Fires: In case of fire, the chief, the deputy or the officer of the highest rank at the fire shall take command of the fire department and direct the management thereof for the suppression of the fire, in the best manner possible.
   B.   Records Maintained: The fire chief shall keep or cause to be kept a record of all training received by firefighters; and a record of all fires and such other records as may be required by law or by city policy; and, prior to the city's annual budget preparation meetings each year, file with the city administrator a full report of such records and fires, which report shall be under oath.
   C.   Fire Prevention: It shall be the function and duty of the fire department and every officer and firefighter thereof to extinguish accidental or destructive fires and to prevent the occurrence or spread of such fires. (Ord. 810, 7-17-2012)