All food truck businesses shall adhere to the following regulations:
   A.   All food truck businesses shall conduct business on private property, unless in the following cases:
      1.   In conjunction with a City sponsored event; or
      2.   In conjunction with a City approved special event as outlined in chapter 10, "Special Events", of this title.
   B.   All food truck businesses shall be limited in their business activity:
      1.   The food truck shall be occupied by the owner, food truck operator or employee, at all times.
   C.   All mobile food truck businesses shall adhere to following location and parking requirements:
      1.   Parking: All mobile food trucks shall park on a hard surface of either asphalt or cement, unless otherwise allowed by ordinance.
      2.   Traffic Hazard: No mobile food truck, or customer of a mobile food truck, may block or obstruct a driveway or an entrance of an existing building, or be parked in such a manner that results in a traffic hazard.
      3.   Circulation: No mobile food truck shall interfere with the internal parking lot circulation that creates a hazard or dangerous situation.
      4.   Public Right-Of-Way: No mobile food truck shall use the public right-of-way, unless otherwise allowed by ordinance.
      5.   Auxiliary Power: Any auxiliary power required for the operation of the mobile food truck shall be self-contained.
      6.   Portable Structures: No use of any tents, tables or other portable structures are allowed if it restricts the flow of pedestrians or vehicular traffic.
      7.   Lighting: Any lights used to illuminate the premises shall be installed in such manner that the source of light shall be suitably screened to avoid annoying illumination of lands outside said premises. No lighting may be used in any way which will penetrate onto any adjoining property used for residential purposes, or in any manner constituting a nuisance.
      8.   Sound: No person shall operate or aid in the operation of private radios, stereophonic or sound amplification devices at a greater operating level than eighty six (86) decibels measured at a distance of twenty five feet (25') from such radios or devices or exceed a noise level of sixty two (62) decibels except by permit in designated areas or as defined and enforced under the City's nuisance ordinance or permit policy.
      9.   Others: All other local, State or Federal law, rule or regulation.
   D.   All mobile food truck businesses shall adhere to the following business license standards:
      1.   Reciprocity permits shall be renewed annually; with the date of expiration being the same date as the business license origin.
      2.   Reciprocity permits are non-transferable and shall be issued to the mobile food truck owner(s) as identified on the reciprocity food truck permit.
      3.   No signage shall be allowed except those painted or affixed directly on the mobile food truck.
      4.   All mobile food trucks shall maintain a valid Utah vehicle registration.
      5.   All mobile food trucks shall be responsible for the trash within the proximity of their parked food truck.
   E.   Any food truck rally that evolves into a temporary mass gathering, as determined by Riverdale City, shall be regulated in conjunction with chapter 10, "Special Events", of this title. (Ord. 901, 8-7-2018)