Unless otherwise prohibited or allowed pursuant to any other legal agreement with Riverdale City, a special event permit is required for profit and nonprofit events held upon any city street, park or other public area of the city, which do not seek a permanent site or business location or are of such a nature as to be acceptable to the general public with regard to morals, safety features, and the conduct of the special event participants or where the activity is not otherwise permitted in the zoning or business license ordinance.
Peaceful demonstrations (including lawful picketing) conducted on public sidewalks so as not to impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic are not considered special events.
An application must be made to the city recorder along with the necessary fees. No permit will be issued for any special event at any location where such use is not permitted by the zoning ordinance without first obtaining approval by the city council.
A special event permit is not required for parties or gatherings at a private residence or subdivision commons area, garage/yard sales or estate sales. (Ord. 855, 5-6-2014)