126.01  PURPOSE.
   (A)   The purpose of this chapter is to establish a permitting and regulatory program for sidewalk vendors that complies with Senate Bill 946 (Chapter 459, Statutes 2018). The provisions of this chapter allow the city to encourage small business activities by removing total prohibitions on portable food stands and merchandise sales, while still permitting regulation and enforcement of unpermitted sidewalk vending activities to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare.
   (B)   The City Council hereby finds that to promote the public’s health, safety, and welfare, restrictions on sidewalk vending are necessary to:
      (1)   Ensure no unreasonable interference with the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic including ingress into, or egress from, any residence, public building, or place of business, or from the street to the sidewalk, by persons exiting or entering parked or standing vehicles;
      (2)   Provide reasonable access for the use and maintenance of sidewalks, pathways, poles, posts, traffic signs or signals, hydrants, firefighting apparatus, mailboxes, as well as access to locations used for public transportation services;
      (3)   Reduce exposure to the city for personal injury or property damage claims and litigation; and
      (4)   Ensure sidewalk vending activities occur only in locations where such activities would not restrict sidewalk and pathway access and enjoyment to individuals with disabilities.
(Ord. 2019-006, passed 10-22-2019)