(A)   A cannabis testing laboratory may be permitted with a conditional use permit pursuant to § 153.216 Use Permits.
   (B)   Cannabis testing laboratories shall only be located in a General Commercial (C-2), Commercial-Industrial (CM), Downtown General (DG), Cannery District (CD), or Research and Development (R&D) zoning districts.
   (C)   All cannabis testing laboratories shall obtain the proper state permit(s), maintain a city business license, and maintain compliance with all of the following:
      (1)   Standard operating procedures. All commercial cannabis activities shall provide a copy of their state-required standard operating procedures.
      (2)   Secure building. All commercial cannabis activity shall occur entirely inside of a building that is secure, locked, and fully enclosed, with a ceiling, roof, or other enclosure. The building shall include a burglar alarm monitored by an alarm company or private security company. The building, including all walls, doors, and the roof, shall be of solid construction meeting the minimum building code requirements for industrial structures and include material strong enough to prevent entry except through an open door.
      (3)   Security plan. A cannabis testing laboratory shall comply with security requirements acceptable to the Police Chief on an individual project basis. The security requirements will specify at a minimum provisions for perimeter fencing plan, interior and exterior lighting plan, security camera layouts, security team plan, alarm system details, transportation, remote monitoring, electronic track and trace, fire suppression plan, and record keeping.
      (4)   Insurance. A cannabis testing laboratory shall maintain insurance in the amounts and of the types that are acceptable to the City Manager or his or her designee. The city shall be named as additional insured on all city-required insurance policies.
      (5)   Waste management plan. A cannabis testing laboratory shall submit and comply with an approved commercial cannabis waste management plan describing how cannabis waste will be documented, shredded, blended 50/50 with shredded cardboard or paper, bagged up, and taken to a transfer station/landfill. Any reuse or recycling of the shredded materials for hemp paper and cloth or other uses shall be addressed under the conditional use permit.
      (6)   Signage. Signage informing the public of a cannabis testing laboratory shall conform to the applicable zoning district requirements and include one “green cross” logo, maximum four square feet in size, lighted or unlighted, on the structure near the main entrance to each building for wayfinding. If unlighted, the sign shall be reflective. The green cross shall not count towards the maximum square footage of signage permitted for the site nor restrict the use of green crosses on other signage.
   (D)   This section shall not apply to cannabis testing laboratories established pursuant to a development agreement and conditional use permit.
(Ord. 2017-007, passed 8-22-17)