(A)   Application.
      (1)   After the establishment of a PD district (approval of a master plan, where required), an application for a development plan which is in conformance with the approved project master plan shall be filed with the Planning Department and the applicable filing fee paid.  The applicant shall also be responsible for all costs associated with the review of the development plan by the City Engineer.
      (2)   A development plan application shall be processed in the same manner as a conditional use permit and submitted to the Planning Commission for approval.  Modifications to previously approved development plans shall be processed in the same manner as a conditional use permit.
      (3)   Where a master plan is not required and the PD rezone was initiated by the City, a development plan shall be judged upon its merits in accordance with the intent of the PD district.
   (B)   Scope of development plan; amendments.
      (1)   A development plan may cover all or a portion of the area included in the PD district. No building permit shall be issued for any new building or structure unless a development plan has been approved as specified herein.  An approved development plan may be modified upon approval by the Director of Planning and Community Development.  Such modification shall be approved only when, in the opinion of the Director of Planning and Community Development, such modification is deemed minor in nature.
      (2)   Minor modifications may include the addition to existing buildings which do not exceed 5% of the existing floor area and modifications to signs where the square footage is not increased more than 10% of the existing square footage.
      (3)   The Community Development Director may approve other minor modifications that may include modification to landscape and irrigation plans, treatment of and design of screening, including fences and re-configuration of on-site circulation and parking design that may be a benefit to the project.
   (C)   Development plant requirements.  The development plan shall set forth the following and shall be presented in the form as may be required by the Director of Planning and Community Development:
      (1)   The exact boundaries and legal description of the property to be developed.
      (2)   All proposed improvements that are to be constructed on the land and their specific locations, including but not limited to all residential and nonresidential structures, recreational facilities and typical plans showing walls, fences, trash areas, streets and walk areas.
      (3)   Common open space showing size, general grades and function upon completion, where appropriate.
      (4)   The location and dimension of all off-street parking facilities, public and private.
      (5)   Location and size of all public and quasi-public sites, if applicable (that is, schools, churches, parks, and the like).
      (6)   A tabulation of the percentage of total building coverage (enclosed structures) of the development for each land use classification.
      (7)   A tabulation of densities within each project area or sector.
      (8)   Building elevation of the architectural style(s) to be constructed.  Elevations shall identify exterior materials, type of roofing, screening of mechanical equipment both on the ground and roof-mounted, and color scheme.  All structures shall be designed and oriented for passive energy savings.
      (9)   A schematic landscaping plan indicating the type and size of plant material to be used and the method of providing permanent maintenance to all planted areas and open space.  This shall include a street tree planting plan in accordance with § 96.03 of the code.
      (10)   If applicable, a subdivision map showing land divisions.  The tentative and final subdivision map shall comply with the State Subdivision Map Act and Title XV of the city Code with the exception that any permit issued in conjunction with a tentative subdivision map shall expire no sooner than the approved tentative map, or any extension hereof.
      (11)   An anticipated development schedule from ground breaking to occupancy.
      (12)   Optional items such as an economic feasibility study and/or traffic and noise analysis may be required at the discretion of the Community Development Director.
   (D)   Design guidelines.  The following design guidelines are established for all PD districts:
      (1)   The overall plan shall achieve a harmonious and integrated relationship among the land, buildings and uses.
      (2)   Private and common open space, pedestrian and vehicular circulation facilities, parking facilities, and other pertinent amenities when proposed by the applicant or required by the city shall be an integral part of the landscape and particular attention shall be given to the retention of natural landscape features of the site.  When the design consists of single-family dwellings with private open space, such private open space, fronting public or private roads and exterior side yards, shall be landscaped.
      (3)   The layout of structures and other facilities which effect a conservation in street and utility improvements in relationship to other economic and environmental concerns shall be encouraged.
      (4)   Recreational areas (active and passive) when proposed by the applicant or required by the city shall be generally dispersed throughout the development and shall be easily accessible from all residential units within a PD district.
      (5)   Architectural variety, as well as the establishment of compatible architectural styles and environmental harmony within the development shall be attained.  All structures shall be designed for passive energy savings.
      (6)   Fencing and screening shall be incorporated into the design of the project when proposed by the applicant or required by the city.
   (E)   Uses permitted within a development.  Uses permitted within a development shall be those uses permitted by right in the base zone district. Uses requiring a conditional use permit in the base zone district shall require Development Plan application submittal and approval.
(`67 Code, § 10-12-4)  (Ord. 87-11, passed 7-27-87; Am. Ord. 98-04, passed 7-13-98)