For properties designated commercial on the land use element of the city general plan, the following requirements apply:
   (A)   Height limit.
      (1)   No building or structure shall exceed six stories or 70 feet, whichever is the lesser.
      (2)   No fence, hedge, or screen planting (excluding wire fences, and nonsolid fences which do not limit visibility as determined by the Community Development Director) shall be constructed or permitted to grow in excess of three feet in height within any front yard or side yard of a corner lot.
   (B)   Building site area required.
      (1)   Minimum area, residential:
         (a)   First two units - 6,000 square feet.
         (b)   For each unit in excess of two dwelling units - 2,000 square feet, not to exceed 20 units per net acre.
      (2)   Minimum area, commercial uses - sufficient to provide the minimum yard and parking requirements.
      (3)   Minimum width, interior lot - 55 feet.
      (4)   Minimum width, corner lot - 65 feet.
      (5)   Minimum depth - 100 feet.
(Ord. 87-11, passed 7-27-87)
   (C)   Yards and open spaces required.
      (1)   Front, side or rear yard - the minimum setbacks shall be as required by § 153.183(D).
      (2)   Detached accessory buildings - ten feet from any other buildings on the lots.
      (3)   No vehicle opening of any building shall be closer than 20 feet to the property line or planned right-of-way line toward which the opening faces.
      (4)   Loading docks shall be so located that trucks will head in and head out and not use the public street for maneuvering, loading and unloading.
(Ord. 90-01, passed 1-22-90)
   (D)   Floor area ratio requirements - residential uses.
      (1)   For single-story buildings - 0.60:1.0
      (2)   For two-story buildings - 0.80:1.0
      (3)   For three-story buildings - 1.20:1.0
(`67 Code, § 10-8-5)