For those properties designated commercial on the land use element of the city general plan, the following are permitted uses, provided that the use is conducted wholly within an enclosed building or within a six-foot high solid, uniformly painted fence and that no operation shall cause an unreasonable amount of noise, odor, dust, mud, smoke, vibration or electrical interference detectable off the site.
   (A)   Hotels and motels.
   (B)   Churches (excluding open-air or tent), day care centers, vocational schools, and public swimming pool.
   (C)   Clubhouse, community center, lodge, social hall.
   (D)   Offices, professional and other.
   (E)   Parking lots.
   (F)   Public or quasi-public utilities and buildings except those listed in § 153.093(M).
   (G)   Retail stores , wares, or other merchandise unless otherwise regulated by this chapter.
   (H)   Secondhand stores or used merchandise (the operation or sale of secondhand automobiles, wrecked automobiles, and junk are prohibited) offered for sale, provided that all materials displayed or offered for sale be within an enclosed building.
(Ord. 87-11, passed 7-27-87; Am. Ord. 98-03, passed 7-13-98)
   (I)   Service establishments including automobile steam cleaning, bank, bar, barber shop, bath, beauty shop, cafe, car wash, clinic, dance studio, delicatessen, delivery service, drapery cleaning, dressmaking, drive-in restaurant, equipment rental, ice cream parlor, laboratory experimental, motion picture, testing, launderette, laundry, meat locker, mini warehouses when enclosed by a solid masonry wall at least six feet in height, museum, parking garage, photography, printing establishment, radio station, repair shops (appliance, radio, television), recreation center (when not otherwise regulated by this chapter), restaurant, sign painting, tailor, taxi stand, television studio, theater, upholstery and veterinary.
(Ord. 88-14, passed 11-28-88)
   (J)   Stamps, rubber or metal (manufacture or assembly).
   (K)   Temporary construction building to house tools and equipment or containing supervisory offices in connection with construction projects during active construction on the same property.
   (L)   Temporary uses such as a circus, carnival, fair or festival, provided that they meet the following requirements:
      (1)   The use shall be temporary in nature and shall not last more than four days.
      (2)   The organizers of the event shall notify the Riverbank Police Services Division of their intentions at least 30 days prior to the scheduled beginning of the event.
      (3)   A business license shall be obtained as required by § 110.18 of the city code.
      (4)   Licenses will only be issued to local businesses or shopping centers when conducted on the same property as the business/shopping center or to local nonprofit organizations.
      (5)   The use need not be in an enclosed building or fence.
   (M)   Signs as allowed in §§ 153.280 through 153.285.
   (N)   Garage sales as defined in § 153.003.
   (O)   Home occupations as defined in § 153.003 and regulated in §§ 153.265 through 153.267 when conducted within an existing home.
   (P)   Accessory buildings normally incidental to permitted uses provided that such buildings are constructed concurrent with, or subsequent to the construction of the permitted use.
(Ord. 87-11, passed 7-27-87)
   (Q)   Body and fender shops subject to the following restrictions:
      (1)   There shall be no painting of any kind (including spot painting) on the premises.
      (2)   All work shall be conducted within the building.
      (3)   The area required to meet the off-street parking requirements of § 153.184(C) shall not be used to store cars for more than 24 hours.
      (4)   All cars to be stored for more than 24 hours shall be stored within the building or in a storage area that is surrounded by a six-foot high solid fence.
(Ord. 88-14, passed 11-28-88)
   (R)   Tattoo establishments or body art establishments, subject to the requirements of Chapter 125.
(`67 Code, § 10-8-3)  (Am. Ord. 2015-001, passed 2-24-15)
(`67 Code, § 10-8-3)