(A)   Churches and other religious institutions (excluding open-air or tent).
   (B)   Schools, public utilities and quasi-public buildings.
   (C)   Public or private automobile parking lots when adjacent to any C or M district or to any PD district which is used for commercial or industrial purposes.
   (D)   Hotels, rooming or boarding houses.
   (E)   Professional offices.
   (F)   Labor camp.
   (G)   Institutions for treatment of alcoholics.
   (H)   Mobile home parks which meet the “Mobile Home Park Standards” as adopted by resolution of the City Council.
   (I)   Family day care centers for seven to 12 paying guests when the requirements of § 153.061(E) are not met.
   (J)   Duplex and multiple family dwellings, apartment houses and dwelling groups on parcels with no direct frontage on a city maintained street.
   (K)   Accessory buildings that do not meet the requirements of § 153.061(C).
   (L)   Residential care homes for more than seven persons.
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