§ 153.046  USES PERMITTED.
   (A)   A single-family dwelling or one duplex, or two dwelling units, except that on parcels with no direct frontage on a city maintained street, only one single-family dwelling is permitted.
   (B)   In lieu of all the residential uses listed in division (A) above, one manufactured home per lot provided that the manufactured home meets the following restrictions:
      (1)   Manufactured homes may be installed only if no more than ten years has elapsed between the date of manufacture and the date of application for a permit to install the manufactured home.
      (2)   Manufactured homes must be on a foundation system approved by resolution of the City Council.
      (3)   All manufactured homes shall be subject to review and approval by the Community Development Director with respect to siding material, roofing materials and roof overhang to ensure, to the greatest extent feasible, compatibility with surrounding structures. A pictorial representation of the proposed manufactured home shall be submitted with the application.
      (4)   No other dwelling units (such as, single-family or duplex) shall be allowed on the same lot.
(Ord. 87-11, passed 7-27-87; Am. Ord. 2002-001, passed 1-28-02)
   (C)   Accessory buildings normally incidental to dwellings provided that such buildings are constructed concurrent with, or subsequent to the construction of the dwellings. NORMALLY INCIDENTAL shall be deemed to mean that, in addition to a garage(s) (either attached or detached) as required by this title, the size of the accessory building does not exceed 20% of the living area of the dwellings.
(Ord. 88-14, passed 11-28-88)
   (D)   Family day care centers limited to six paying guests.
   (E)   Family day care centers for seven to 12 paying guests when the following criteria are met:
      (1)   At least one off-street parking space shall be provided for each employee.
      (2)   There are no other day care centers for more than six paying guests within 300 feet of the exterior boundaries of the subject site.
      (3)   In addition to the required employee parking, there shall be provided at least two off-street parking spaces for loading and unloading of guests. These spaces shall be located so that vehicles head in and head out without using the public street for maneuvering, loading, or unloading.
   (F)   Home occupations as defined in § 153.003 and regulated in §§ 153.265 through 153.267.
   (G)   Public parks and public buildings.
   (H)   Temporary real estate office and sign (not to exceed 100 square feet in area) may be located on any new subdivision for a period of not more than two years from the date of recording of the map of the subdivision upon which the office and sign are located. This time limit shall automatically be extended under the conditions described in § 153.285(A)(1)(g).
   (I)   Temporary construction building to house tools and equipment or containing supervisory offices in connection with construction projects during active construction on the same property.
   (J)   Residential care homes in which less than seven persons not of the immediate family are provided with food, shelter and care for compensation, but not including hospitals, clinics, or similar institutions devoted primarily to diagnosis and treatment of disease or injury.
   (K)   Signs as allowed in §§ 153.280 through 153.285.
   (L)   Temporary uses such as a circus, carnival, fair or festival, provided that they meet the following requirements:
      (1)   The use shall be temporary in nature and shall not last more than four days.
      (2)   The organizers of the event shall notify the Riverbank Police Services Division of their intentions at least 30 days prior to the scheduled beginning of the event.
      (3)   A business license shall be obtained as required by § 110.18 of the City Code.
      (4)   Licenses will only be issued to local businesses or shopping centers when conducted on the same property as the business/shopping center or to local nonprofit organizations.
   (M)   Temporary mobile home for ill or aged family members as required by § 153.219.
   (N)   Garage sales as defined in § 153.003.
   (O)   Accessory dwelling unit meeting § 153.325.
   (P)   Transitional and supportive housing.
(`67 Code, § 10-4-2)  (Ord. 87-11, passed 7-27-87; Am. Ord. 2017-010, passed 10-24-17)