The requirement for a final parcel map may be waived by the Planning Commission pursuant to the procedure set forth below:
   (A)   Submittal. A tentative parcel map application shall be submitted as required by §§ 152.091 and 152.092. At the time of submittal of the tentative parcel map, the property owner must request, in writing, the waiving of the final parcel map requirement.
   (B)   Findings required.  The Planning Commission may waive the requirement for a final parcel map when all of the following findings can be established:
      (1)   The proposed parcel(s) complies with the minimum area requirement as established by Chapter 153 of the City Code.
      (2)   The design of the proposed parcel(s) is in compliance with this chapter and with all requirements of the city general plan.
      (3)   That all necessary improvements as required by this chapter and the city general plan have been installed.
      (4)   All storm drainage facilities have been installed consistent with the City's Storm Drainage Master Plan and the Standard Specifications.
      (5)   All lots front on city-maintained roads constructed as required by the Standard Specifications.
      (6)   The proposed parcel(s) is adequately served with city sanitary sewer service.
      (7)   The proposed parcel(s) is adequately served with city domestic water facilities.
      (8)   That all lot lines and lot corners have been established in compliance with the requirements of the Land Surveyor's Act.
      (9)   That the proposed division complies with all provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and any city ordinances which provide for environmental protection.
   (C)   Certificate of compliance filing requirements.  Upon waiver of the final parcel map requirement by the Commission, submission of the proper legal descriptions, and the receipt of the fee for filing of a certificate of compliance in such amount as may be fixed from time to time by resolution of the City Council, the Director shall file a certificate of compliance for the land being divided.
(`67 Code, § 11-6-9)  (Ord. 89-09, passed 11-27-89)