§ 135.04  REPORTING.
   (A)   Junk dealers or recyclers shall report to the Chief of Police every day before 12:00 noon, on a form approved by the Chief of Police, a record of all sales and purchases of the previous 24 hours. The report shall contain the information required by this chapter and any additional information required by the Chief of Police as shown on the forms.
   (B)   The report shall, at a minimum, contain the following information:
      (1)   The name, business name, business address, telephone number, facsimile number, and electronic mail address;
      (2)   The place and date of each sale or purchase of junk made in the conduct of his or her business as a junk dealer or recycler;
      (3)   The name, valid driver's license number, and state of issuance or California-issued identification card number, and vehicle license number including the state of issue of any motor vehicle used in transporting junk to the junk dealer's or recycler's place of business;
      (4)   The name and address of each person to whom junk is sold or disposed of, and the license number of any motor vehicle used in transporting the junk from the junk dealer's or recycler's place of business;
      (5)   A full and complete description of the item or items of junk purchased or sold, including the item type, quantity, length, diameter, size, brand, model, manufacturer, and identification number;
      (6)   A statement indicating either that the seller of the junk is the owner of it, or the name of the person he or she obtained it from, as shown on a signed transfer document; and
      (7)   The fingerprint of the right-hand index finger, unless such finger is missing, in which event the print of the next finger in existence on the right hand shall be obtained with a notation as to the exact finger printed of the person from whom junk is received.
(Ord. 2007-008, passed 12-10-07)  Penalty, see § 135.99