(A)   Violation of tobacco-related and e-cigarette-related laws. It shall be a violation of a tobacco or e-cigarette retailer's license for a person or his or her agent or employee to violate any local, state, or federal tobacco-related or any e-cigarette-related law.
   (B)   License compliance monitoring. The city anticipates that compliance checks of each tobacco and e-cigarette retailer will be conducted at least two times during each 12-month period by the Stanislaus County Public Health Department. The city shall not enforce any tobacco-related or e-cigarette-related minimum age law against a person who otherwise would be in violation of such law because of the person's age (hereinafter "youth decoy") if the violation occurs when:
      (1)   The youth decoy is participating in a compliance check supervised by a law enforcement official, a code enforcement official, or any peace officer; or
      (2)   The youth decoy is participating in a compliance check funded or supervised in part by the County of Stanislaus or, funded or supervised in any part by the California Department of Health Services.
(Ord. 2015-018, passed 11-24-15)