(A)   It is the intent of this chapter to implement Riverbank's adopted Vision Statement that, "Riverbank in 2025 will be a pleasant, quiet, friendly community with a distinct small-town character'; and that "Our city should be safe and healthy for all our residents". The uncontrolled sale of tobacco products hinders achievement of this adopted vision. It is the intent of the city to encourage responsible tobacco and e-cigarette retailing and to discourage violations of tobacco and e-cigarette related laws, especially those which prohibit or discourage the sale or distribution of tobacco, e-cigarette, and nicotine products to minors, but not to expand or reduce the degree to which the acts regulated by federal or state law are criminally proscribed or to alter the penalties provided therein.
   (B)   In order to facilitate the achievement of this vision and to protect the public health, safety and welfare, the City Council finds that a local licensing system for tobacco and e-cigarette retailers is appropriate. Tobacco and e-cigarette sales licensing will ensure that retailers comply with tobacco and e-cigarette control laws and the business standards of the city.
(Ord. 2015-018, passed 11-24-15)