Grantee shall provide the necessary facilities, equipment and personnel to comply with the following consumer protection and standards under normal conditions of operation:
   (A)   Sufficient toll-free telephone line capacity during normal business hours to assure that a minimum of 95% of all calls will be answered before the fourth ring.
   (B)   Emergency toll-free telephone capacity on a 24-hour basis, including weekends and holidays.
   (C)   An emergency system maintenance and repair staff, capable of responding to and repairing major system malfunction on a 24-hour per day basis.
   (D)   An installation staff, capable of installing service to any subscriber within seven days after receipt of request, in all areas where trunk and feeder cable have been activated.
   (E)   Grantee shall schedule, within a specified four-hour time period, all appointments with subscribers for installation or service.
(Ord. 94-09, passed 9-12-94)