(A)   Inspection. Upon written request made seven days in advance, during normal business hours, the grantee shall permit any duly authorized representative of the city to examine the cable system of the grantee, together with any appurtenant property of the grantee situated within or without the city and to examine and transcribe any and all maps and other records kept or maintained by the grantee or under its control which pertain to the operation of the cable system. If any such maps or records are not kept in the city, or upon reasonable request are not made available in the city, and if the Council shall determine that an examination thereof is necessary or appropriate then all travel and maintenance expense necessarily incurred in making such examination shall be paid by the grantee.
   (B)   Reports. The grantee shall prepare and furnish to the city at the times and in the form prescribed by the city such reports with respect to its operation, affairs, transactions or property, as may be reasonably necessary or appropriate concerning both the cost to grantee and the value to the city to the performance of any of the rights, functions or duties of the city or any of its officers in connection with the franchise.  The costs of furnishing such reports shall be borne by the grantee up to a maximum of $2,000 per year.
   (C)   Location of equipment. The grantee shall at all times make and keep in the city full and complete plans and records showing the exact location of all cable system equipment installed or in use in streets and other public places in the city. The grantee shall file with the city on or before the first anniversary date of the franchise grant or renewal, as the case may be, a current map or set of maps drawn to scale, showing all cable system equipment installed and in place in streets and other public places of the city.
(Ord. 94-09, passed 9-12-94)