The grantee shall be required to extend energized trunk cable from any existing terminus of the cable system to any area within the franchise territory having a density of at least ten existing and completed dwelling units within any one-quarter linear mile, provided that the dwelling unit nearest to the existing terminus of the cable system in such one-quarter linear mile area is within one-half mile of the existing terminus of the cable system. Within 30 days after grantee has confirmed the existence of the density provided above, grantee shall proceed with due diligence to obtain all necessary permits and authorizations which are required for the extension of such trunk cable, including any utility joint use agreements and any permits, licenses and authorizations to be granted by duly constituted regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over the operation of the cable system.  Within 30 days following completion of such line extension construction, the grantee shall proceed to render service, provided, however, that any such subscriber requesting service from the extension of the energized trunk cable shall be subject to the provisions of § 113.050 herein with regard to costs of a tap or drop in excess of 250 feet.
(Ord. 94-09, passed 9-12-94)