§ 112.01  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ALLOWABLE ELECTRONIC BINGO AID.  An electronic device which satisfies the following criteria:
      (1)   An electronic bingo aid must function primarily as an electronic aid or labor saving device that requires some interaction between the player and the device, but where the numbers are drawn independently and apart from the device, and the device can only be utilized in a common bingo game along with other players competing for a common, preannounced prize;
      (2)   In addition to being tested and approved, an electronic bingo aid must provide for accountability, integrity, security and fairness of the game. As such all electronic cards in play during any bingo game must be fully accounted for at any time during and after the game by an independent accounting means and must be fully verifiable at any time by an independent verification means;
      (3)   Electronic cards available to players shall be part of a predetermined deck, group or series of cards, no two of which shall be alike, and electronic cards shall not be arranged or distributed so as to give any player preference to any particular card. All cards must have an equal chance of winning;
      (4)   In order to insure the integrity and fairness, the electronic aid shall preclude any unauthorized transfer or substitution of electronic cards during (after the start of) any bingo game;
      (5)   As the primary function of the system must be to assist the bingo player as he/she plays bingo, the system must not generate the bingo numbers utilized in the game. Upon the player calling “bingo”, the player's winning card must be simultaneously displayed to all players playing bingo to allow all players the opportunity to verify the winning card;
      (6)   The particular arrangement of numbers required to win a particular game shall be clearly displayed on or through the electronic aid before the start of the game without the necessity of any player action or inaction; and
      (7)   The called bingo numbers must be presented on the electronic aid as they are announced by the bingo caller without the necessity for any player action or inaction.
   BINGO.  A game of chance in which each player receives a bingo card, either paper, hard card, or electronic representation thereof. Each bingo card, whether paper card, hard card or electronic representation thereof, is defined as a series of five vertical rows of five predetermined numbers ranging from 1 through 75. Numbers are drawn or otherwise obtained by chance, from a set of consecutively numbered balls of essentially equal size, weight, and shape, and publicly displayed or otherwise publicly made known. The player first having a specified patterned of announced numbers appearing on his/her card, upon verification by an authorized person and/or through electronic or computer verification means or otherwise, shall be declared the winner. No electronic generation of numbers is permitted in any bingo game allowed under this chapter.
   BINGO EQUIPMENT.  The receptacle from which the numbered objects (bingo balls) are drawn, the display board upon which the numbered objects are displayed, the master board or bingo rack upon which the numbered objects are placed upon being drawn, bingo cards (electronic representations or otherwise), and any and all computer and/or electronic systems which are utilized as electronic aids in playing and verifying bingo, and any and all other articles essential to the operation, conduct, and playing of bingo.
(`67 Code, § 6-9-1)  (Ord. 93-03, passed 9-13-93)