§ 111.02  EXCEPTIONS.
   No alcoholic beverages can be consumed at community facilities, Plaza Del Rio or the Cheese and Wine Exposition without complying with the following:
   (A)   A permit and/or agreement must be obtained from the Recreation Department. Permits must be approved by the Chief of Police Services and Director of Parks and Recreation, whereas agreements will only require approval by the Director of Parks and Recreation, or designee;
   (B)   Depending upon the event, specific guidelines may be set forth by the Chief of Police Services and Director of Parks and Recreation. The Chief of Police, or designee, has the expressed authority to require additional serving procedures and modifications, including revocation of the permit at any time;
   (C)   Security officers, sheriff personnel, site monitors, custodians and other personnel may be required for public safety, health and welfare;
   (D)   Alcohol shall only be permitted at the Plaza Del Rio if used by a Riverbank Community organization or Riverbank nonprofit organization. Outside nonprofits will be considered for approved use on a case by case basis;
   (E)   Community facilities can be used by the general public for weddings, baby showers, dances and the like and need only be approved by the Parks and Recreation Director;
   (F)   The city shall require a certificate of insurance, and an additionally ensured endorsement naming the city, in the amount of $1,000,000;
   (G)   The City Council shall, by resolution, establish administrative fees and other fees for staffing, security and clean-up; and
   (H)   Any organization or person selling alcohol without a permit is subject to a fine of up to $250, and shall be banned from such use in the future.
(‘67 Code, §§ 6-11-1 and 6-11-2)  (Ord. 2009-008, passed 9-14-09)