The City Council reserves the right to revoke any license issued under this chapter upon good cause shown.  Good cause includes but is not limited to violations of this chapter or violations of other provisions of this code which bear a rational relationship to the licensee's qualifications to hold such a license, including but not limited to violations involving fraud, theft, and dishonesty.  No license shall be revoked until after a hearing before the City Council, notice of which hearing shall be given to a license holder not less than 15 days in advance of the date of such hearing.  This notice shall either be delivered to the licensee personally, or left at his place of business, if he conducts his business in a bona fide and established place in the city, or by mailing the notice to him at the mailing address set forth on his application. Upon revocation of a license, the City Council may, in such cases as it deems proper, order refunded to the person whose license is revoked any prepaid license fees of such person.
(`67 Code, § 6-1-27)  (Ord. 83-4, passed 5-23-83)