§ 94.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   Unless otherwise classified as a misdemeanor in this code, the violation of any provision or failure to comply with any mandatory requirement of this chapter is an infraction.
   (B)   Unless otherwise noted, any person violating these provisions shall be guilty of an infraction, which shall be punishable by:
      (1)   A fine not exceeding $100 for the first offense;
      (2)   A fine not exceeding $200 for a second violation of the same offense within one year of the first offense; and
      (3)   A fine not exceeding $500 for each additional violation of the same offense thereafter.
   (C)   An issued Administrative Citation under this chapter may be changed to a warning citation at the discretion of the Director of Parks and Recreation and with the approval of the City Manager. Any further violation of the same offense shall invoke the penalties of a fine.
(`67 Code, § 3-11-10)  (Ord. 99-02, passed 3-8-99; Am. Ord. 2011-003, passed 6-27-11; Am. Ord. 2015-011, passed 6-23-15)