(A)   The City Council finds and determines that the unrestricted parking of recreation vehicles on public streets in the city leads to their unlawful occupation as dwelling units, congests traffic and constitute a hazard to the public safety in that recreation vehicles restrict visibility.
   (B)   It is unlawful to park recreation vehicles on any public street in the city for more than 72 hours, within any period of seven consecutive days, except that non residents of the city may park, upon the issuance of a permit to do so, for a period not to exceed seven consecutive days, while the owner or operator of the recreation vehicle is a guest of any residence adjoining that portion of the street upon which the recreation vehicle is parked.  In either circumstance the recreation vehicle is to remain unoccupied.  Permits under this section may be issued by any regularly salaried member of the Riverbank Police Services Division.  A visitor permit will only be issued twice a calendar year for the same owner or recreational vehicle.  In extenuating circumstances, such as health reasons requiring the visitor’s stay to be extended several days, the party must receive approval by the Chief of Police Services.  There is a $25 administrative fee for the issuance of said permit.
   (C)   Recreation vehicles, for the purpose of this section, shall include any motor home, which exceeds 20 feet in overall length, travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, trailers with boats and house boats.
   (D)   It shall also be unlawful to park any recreation vehicle in a diagonal parking space so that the recreation vehicle protrudes more than 20 feet into the street as measured perpendicularly from the curb.
(`67 Code, § 9-2-22)  (Ord. 85-02, passed 6-24-85; Am. Ord. 2003-017, passed 12-8-03; Am. Ord. 2005-003, passed 2-14-05)