(A)   Whenever the Sheriff's Commanding Officer determines that an emergency traffic congestion is likely to result from the holding of public or private assemblages, gatherings or functions or for other reasons, the Sheriff's Commanding Officer shall have power and authority to order temporary signs to be erected or posted indicating that the operation, parking or standing of vehicles is prohibited on such streets and alleys as the Sheriff's Commanding Officer shall direct during the time such temporary signs are in place. Such signs shall remain in place only during the existence of such emergency and the Sheriff's Commanding Officer shall cause such signs to be removed promptly thereafter.
   (B)   When signs authorized by the provisions of this section are in place giving notice thereof, no person shall operate, park or stand any vehicle contrary to the direction and provisions of such signs.
(`67 Code, § 9-2-17)  (Ord. 41, passed 5-21-37)