§ 53.20  APPEAL.
   (A)   Any person served with a NOV, who is subject to a cease and desist order, who is subject to an abatement order, who is required to perform monitoring, analyzes, reporting and/or corrective activities by an authorized enforcement official, or who is otherwise grieved by the decision of the authorized enforcement official, may appeal the decision to the Public Works Superintendent within ten days following the effective date of the decision by filing a written appeal with the Public Works Superintendent.
   (B)   The Public Works Superintendent shall request a report and recommendation from the authorized enforcement official and shall set the matter for hearing at the earliest practical date.
      (1)   Due notice of the hearing shall be provided to the person appealing the decision of the authorized enforcement official.
      (2)   At the hearing, the Public Works Superintendent may hear additional evidence, and may reject, affirm or modify the authorized enforcement official's decision.
      (3)   The Public Works Superintendent decision shall be final.
(Ord. 2006-002, passed 3-13-06; Am. Ord. 2015-012, passed 6-23-15)