(A)   The Stanislaus County Operational Area Council is created under the authority of Cal. Gov't Code Article 9, § 8605, and shall consist of the Assistant Director of Emergency Services and Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) members that represent each city within Stanislaus County.
   (B)   Generally, the JPA member will be the emergency manager from his or her jurisdiction.
   (C)   The Operational Area Council will:
      (1)   Coordinate, review and recommend for approval all emergency or disaster response policies, procedures, plans and other influencing factors or events that would affect the Stanislaus Operational Area;
      (2)   Review all disaster plans by any agency or jurisdiction in Stanislaus County for approval to form and compliance with the National Incident Management System, the Standardized Emergency Management System and the Incident Command System. After review of the proposed plans, policies and procedures relating to emergency management, the Operational Area Council will then make its recommendation to the Disaster Council;
      (3)   Be the lead agency for the multi-agency Emergency Operations Center Management Team and the multi-agency incident management team(s);
      (4)   Foster an effective flow of disaster information and emergency preparedness on a day-to-day basis through training, exercises, uniformity in planning and response plans and policies; and
      (5)   Appoint task forces and/or specialist groups for specific detailed work that requires the focus of technical experts to develop plans, policies and procedures for the Stanislaus Operation Area.
   (D)   The Operational Area Council does not have operational duties or powers during an event or emergency and is created to serve in the preparedness and planning phases only.
(Ord. 2015-013, passed 8-11-15)