(A)   The Disaster Council shall have power to:
      (1)   Oversee the preparedness activities of the various county departments and other jurisdictions in the Stanislaus County Operational Area. This includes preparation of emergency and disaster plans, policies and procedures and ensuring unity of purpose. The Council will be responsible to ensure unity of purpose. The Council will be responsible to ensure compliance with the National Incident Management System, the Standardized Emergency Management System and the Incident Command System;
      (2)   Approve to form all proposed emergency operations procedures, plans and other documents related to emergency preparedness and planning;
      (3)   Hear proposals from any agency, department or interested party in emergency and disaster preparedness. Prior to any formal action, the proposal shall have the approval of the Operational Area Council for operational and procedural conformity with the Stanislaus County emergency operations plan, policies and procedures;
      (4)   Be required to have a majority of the members present for approval and/or review of any plan, policies or issues and a simple majority vote will carry the recommended action. Thereafter, the recommended action will be forwarded to the appropriate board, commission or executive representative; and
      (5)   Sit as the Disaster Council for any jurisdiction that deems it appropriate by resolution and local ordinance.
      (6)   Administer a disaster service worker volunteer program, pursuant to Cal. Code of Regulations, Title 19, §§ 2570 et seq.
   (B)   The Disaster Council does not have operational duties or powers during emergencies, disasters or other events or incidents.
(Ord. 2015-013, passed 8-11-15)