(A)   Use prohibited. It is hereby unlawful for any person, corporation, or entity to use the Official Seal of the city or the official logo of the city, as reflected hereinbelow, for political campaign purposes without the express prior written consent of the City Council.
(Am. Ord. 2008-014, passed 10-13-08)
   (B)   Exception. It is not the intent of this chapter to prohibit nor is there a prohibition established by any provision of this chapter against the City Council from using the official seal of the city or the official logo of the city when acting in its official capacity in furtherance of official or authorized city business in furtherance of city goals, policies, programs or political support for or against issues, measures, initiatives or referendum of local, statewide or national concern.
(`67 Code, § 1-14-1)
   (C)   Definition.  For the purpose of this section, the following definition shall apply:
   POLITICAL CAMPAIGN PURPOSE.  Influencing or attempting to influence the action of the electorate for or against:
      (1)   Any nomination or election of a candidate, as candidate is defined by Cal. Gov't Code § 82007;
      (2)   The qualification or passage of any local, state, or national measure, initiative or referendum which use is made by candidate or supporter.
(`67 Code, § 1-14-2)
   (D)   Exception; Council consent; finding required.  Before the City Council may grant consent, pursuant to this chapter, the Council shall make a finding that such use is not for official city purposes in that it is ruled to a candidacy or the qualification of, or passage of, a local, state, or national measure, initiative or referendum.
(`67 Code, § 1-14-3)  (Ord. 91-16, passed 1-13-92)