(A)   Procurement of certain professional services. The services of certain professions that involve extended analysis, the exercise of discretion and independent judgment in their performance, and an advanced, specialized type of knowledge, expertise, or training customarily acquired either by a prolonged course of study or equivalent experience in the field, shall be procured in accordance with the selection procedures specified in this section.
   (B)   Selection procedure.
      (1)   Conditions for use.  Services provided under emergency procurements are exempt from the requirements of this section.
      (2)   Statement of qualifications.  Persons engaged in providing professional services as described in division (A) of this section, may submit statements of qualifications and expressions of interest in providing such professional services.
      (3)   Public announcement and form of request for proposals. The City Manager, or designee, through a request for qualifications, shall give adequate notice of the need for such services.
      (4)   Discussions. The City Manager, or designee, may conduct discussions with any consultant who has submitted an interest to determine such consultant's qualifications for further consideration. Consultants shall be accorded fair and equal treatment with respect to any opportunity for discussion.
      (5)   Award. Award shall be made to the consultant determined in writing to be best qualified based on the evaluation factors set forth in the request for proposals, and negotiation of compensation determined to be fair and reasonable.
(Ord. 2002-002, passed 1-28-02)