Purchases of supplies and equipment of an estimated value in the amount of $30,000 or less may be made by the Purchasing Officer in the open market without observing the procedure prescribed by § 33.17.
   (A)   Minimum number of bids. Open market purchases shall, wherever possible, be based on at least three bids and shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.
   (B)   Notice inviting bids. The Purchasing Officer shall solicit bids by written requests to prospective vendors, by telephone, and by public notice posted on a public bulletin board in the City Hall.
   (C)   Written bids. Sealed written bids shall be submitted to the Purchasing Officer who shall keep a record of all open market orders and bids for a period of one year after the submission of bids or the placing of orders.  This record while so kept shall be open to public inspection.
(`67 Code, § 1-8-10)  (Ord. 70-2, passed 1-26-70; Am. Ord. 2002-002, passed 1-28-02; Am. Ord. 2008-012, passed 10-13-08)